Chelsea defender Gary Cahill admits Didier Drogba surprised his former teammates with their Champions League rings last week.

Drogba decided to buy "Superbowl" style commemorative rings for his team-mates and staff at a personal cost thought to be around £800,000.

"It was an amazing surprise," said Cahill. "I had no idea when he came in and called us all together. I was very touched. It was extremely generous for a start because it was his idea and no-one needs to go out and do that. Not just for us for the staff as well.

"It shows what his character is. He is a great lad. It reminds us of what a great achievement it was. He said that's why he did it, so that none of us forget what a huge achievement it was.

"It's something I'll keep for the rest of my life but I'm not sure it's a ring I'd wear. I'm not flashy. It's more of a memento. It's personal and individual to every player and something you want to save.'"