Chelsea winger Eden Hazard has enjoyed his first weeks under new manager Jose Mourinho.

Hazard admits Mourinho has been following him since he was with Lille.

"He loves his players," said Hazard. "He laughs and jokes with them a lot out on the training pitch, and that's good to see in a coach. I'm sure he can lose his cool, but he's calm in explaining what he wants us to do so that we understand and learn.

"You have to adapt to a new manager overnight. With Mourinho, though, we know what he is. I know that, with him in charge, we win matches and claim trophies.

"He'll do everything he can to put that in place, to create the environment for us but it will be the players who have to deliver the trophies. We have to concentrate on what he wants.

"If we all give 100 per cent we have a real chance of winning the title."