Chelsea captain Terry raps teammates: No fight, lacklustre

Chelsea captain John Terry says it's time to 'spark up'.

Chelsea captain John Terry says it's time to 'spark up'.

Sunday FA Cup draw at Brentford was Terry's first start since he suffered a knee injury in November, but it was Chelsea's 40th game already this season..

He said: "Even though it's great to be back personally, on a team performance we should be winning the game and now we've made it difficult for ourselves with a replay again..

"We have another game we could do without but we should beat them at the Bridge. I was disappointed because we didn't fight and they wanted it more..

"We're not [winning any trophies at the moment]. It's disappointing going to Swansea and not scoring over two legs of the [Capital One Cup] semi-final. Being so lacklustre, like we were at Brentford..

"Over the two legs against Swansea, at home we did better but going there, I'd rather we'd lost that three or 4-0 and give it a go and we didn't do that."

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