Chelsea captain John Terry has made it clear he wants Frank Lampard to be handed a new deal. Terry says now is not the time to write off the England man.

"He's got so much more to give and he's an inspiration for everyone at this football club at his age as well," said Terry. "He's the best trainer by a million miles - he works so hard. For him to get that many goals, kids can look at that and say he's in the right position.

"Believe me, it's a lot of hard work before and after training and working on his strengths and weaknesses. He's been an inspiration for everyone at this football club.

"He's always been fit and that's despite the hard work he puts in before and after training.

"We hope that he's here (next season) and, if not, he's got years ahead. I'm not going to entertain the thought of him elsewhere as I don't want to think about it."