Chelsea boss Hiddink loves English football's mickey-taking culture

Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink admits he loves the mickey-taking culture of English football.

Hiddink said: “I love London very much. It is good to be here. I love self-irony, which is so common in England.

“You can look at yourselves in the mirror and say ‘how stupid I am’ — this is good to see.

“On the other hand, working very seriously is the other part.”

Hiddink’s first taste of Britain’s unique sense of humour came when he shared a flat with the late George Best when the pair played for American side San Jose Earthquakes.

The Dutchman said: “You sense this typical approach which is going to the game but also the sense of humour and mickey-taking. Laughing at yourself. Giving 100 and more per cent.”

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