Chelsea boss Avram Grant has hit out at Sunderland rival Roy Keane for accusing England's stars for being 'big heads'.

The former Israel boss insisted: "I am 52 years old and ever since I was 10 I heard footballers have a big ego, always. They have big ego and money.

"Roy Keane had a big ego when he was a player and I don't think it's wrong.

"It's wrong if you take it in a negative way. But if someone is proud of himself and ready to give 100 per cent it's not a problem.

"You think when you come to the national team you need a motivator? I was a national coach.

"You take the players who are motivated to play for their country. If not you don't choose them."

Grant indirectly laid the responsibility of England failure at Steve McClaren's door by adding: "What is key at international level is to organise the team.

"The tactical side is important because you have the players only for four or five days. You can't work on the physical or technical side."