Chelsea boss Rafa Benitez is ready to shake hands with Leeds United counterpart Neil Warnock.

Benitez has said he will shake hands with Leeds counterpart Warnock before Wednesday's Capital One Cup quarter-final at Elland Road.

"Every person has their ideas of each other," Benitez said.

"I'm professional and will try to do my job and won't be involved in anything, but what I will say is that the league is 38 games and not just one match.

"I'm professional so I won't have any problem (shaking Warnock's hand). There will be a lot of people watching us, so we have to behave.

"I saw that he said he has an email from me threatening to sue hum, but I don't remember. It's true, but I didn't remember it.

"I will concentrate on my job and hopefully we can talk about football, which is best for the fans and everyone. We need to leave things on the pitch."