Chelsea boss Rafa Benitez has paid tribute to retiring Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher.

In a club documentary on Carragher, Benitez explained why he chose to bring him into central defence.

"We had a lot of reports and we knew he could maybe be better as a centre-back, because of his techniques, his physical condition and because of his reading of the game.

"Playing alongside Sami Hyypia proved to be a very good partnership because they complemented each other.

"Sami was very good in the air, and Carra was always controlling the defence."

Benitez believes Carragher's attitude and character was instrumental in the success he enjoyed during a six-year tenure at Anfield.

"He shows such character and that's an example for the young kids," said the now Chelsea boss.

"He's very competitive, he's always trying to win. This was a great message - especially to local players coming from the Academy."