Chelsea boss Rafa Benitez is unsure if video technology can work in football.

Chelsea will experience goal-line technology in the Club World Cup.

"I don't like video technology during the game," said Benitez. "You can change too many things and then you lose something. I remember a final in rugby where there was three minutes to make a decision with the technology. Three minutes!

"In football they say it is very quick but I remember playing for Liverpool against Charlton with Jerzy Dudek as 'keeper and Darren Bent as the striker.

"There was a penalty against us and we can see four replays. In three it was a penalty. The fourth, he didn't touch him. Who will analyse this? How long will it take to analyse every single angle?

"Goal-line technology is different. It's a crucial decision for a game. If you have the technology and you can guarantee it is fine then you have to see it."