Former Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas insists he never doubted the club's ambitions.

The Barcelona star denies it was the lack of silverware which drove him away.

"It was a very difficult and very personal decision for me," he told The Sun. "I didn't leave because I was unhappy or wanted more money. I just wanted to play for the club I'd loved since I was very little.

"I was at Arsenal for eight years and always gave it the best I could. But then I had the chance to join Barcelona and took it.

"If it wasn't Barcelona, I would have stayed at Arsenal. For sure. It's not just about winning trophies or not. Every club has seasons when it doesn't go your way.

"When I was little, Barcelona went five years without anything and it seemed like the end of the world. Now it seems they are the best team in the world. Football changes quickly. Arsenal will be back to the top soon."