Cesc credits current Arsenal form to Henry

Cesc Fabregas says Arsenal's success this season owes much to Barcelona striker Thierry Henry.

"We are young but we have been together for four years and we have learned from Henry, Vieira, Pires and Campbell. They showed us the right path to take in every training session and that is why we are now playing so well. I still look for Henry on the pitch sometimes and I'm envious of the Barcelona midfielders being able to pass to him. The difference for him now is that everyone looked for him here whereas at Barcelona there are lots of other stars.

"Henry is the best player in Arsenal's history and that's why people panicked when he left. It was like having to mature all of a sudden, a wake-up call. He was like an umbrella that we hid beneath and when he went we were forced to step forward and take responsibility."

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