There has been regular talk of Celtic and Rangers joining the English Premier League in search of a stiffer test.

But Celtic boss Strachan says thoughts of such a move will become redundant.

"I think in years to come there will be a European league with 54 or 60 clubs," he told the BBC's Inside Sport. "That's the way everybody will get round it."

"There will be a new structure, a new body," he said.

"The powers that be, the businessmen coming into football now, will say 'forget Fifa, forget Uefa, we're so powerful we'll have three leagues with the best 60 clubs'.

"I think that's the way it's got to go."

Strachan added that Fifa will have no choice but to go along with such a project.

"It will be that powerful that I think Fifa would have to go along and say 'we better let them get on with it because they'll just keep the players away from international level'."