Celtic boss Strachan defends Boruc after Hibs 'incitement'

In the aftermath of Celtic's victory at Easter Road, Boruc was punished by referee Iain Brines for waving and smiling cheekily at the Hibs supporters. Brines took it as incitement and booked him.

"When teams beat us they go around the stadium clapping and it's like a day of national rejoicing," Strachan said. "Massimo Donati clapped everybody in the stadium when he was taken off and nothing happened to him. What's the difference? Give us the rules.

"If you're not allowed wave at the fans in the stadium then tell us. It seems to be different for us. When Scott McDonald scored the winner against Gretna he looked to be five metres from the fans when he was booked for celebrating.

"I've seen recently people going into the crowd and not getting booked. Tell us the rules and I'll tell my players what they can and cannot do. Tell us you can't clap the fans in the stands and we won't do it."

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