Celtic boss Gordon Strachan has broken his silence over Spartak Moscow's plastic pitch.

"It's not good for dribbling - put it that way," he said ahead of their Champions League qualifier.

"It's a sticky surface. The ball doesn't move well. It's just not a dribbling surface. There's a spin to it. If you spin a ball at somebody it's exaggerated because there's so much rubber underneath.

"I wouldn't have liked playing on it because I liked to move the ball and have a go at people and get the ball into feet. I think we have to look at our tactics because dribbling on the pitch is a problem. We had a real look at the pitch this morning and we had a full practice match. We normally don't do that but we had to test longer passes. We even had a small-sided game and a full game to find out what we could do and what we couldn't do.

"I'll have to choose the best side to suit Celtic, no doubt about that."