Brown's splendid form has coincided with him curbing his narky nature and he displayed this calm perfectly by refusing to get involved last weekend when St Mirren's Franco Miranda thrust a hand into his face.

He told the Daily Record: "I think people know my reputation from the past and that I'd be chirpy.

"The guy raised his hands to me and maybe in the past I would have tried to be wide with him but I just walked past and let the ref deal with it. There is no point now getting bookings for that.

"A lot has happened off the field and some fans come up and say things but it's part and parcel of things. I've actually had a few Rangers come up to me wishing me all the best so it's been good.

"Nobody knows what happened. Everybody thought I'd signed for Rangers but I definitely hadn't! The Rangers fans either appreciate or don't that I signed for Celtic - that's up to them.

"I can't wait for the Scotland game and hopefully I'll play. Quite a lot of the Lithuania players are with Hearts, they're technically good and sharp with the ball so I'm sure they'll be the same with good other players.

"If I get a start there are 10 other lads who will be out to do just as much as me.

"I'm not too nervous before games. I played against Spartak Moscow for Celtic and that was one of the nerviest games I've ever had.

"I was next in line during the penalty shoot-out and there was a lot at stake, so that's the biggest pressure I've ever had to deal with."