Massimo Cellino denies he wanted Leeds United manager Brian McDermott.

McDermott received a call on Friday night from a lawyer representing the Cellino family, informing him he had been dismissed and would receive the details in writing. But Leeds have since released a statement saying McDermott was back in charge.

"I want the coach back and have been trying to call him," Cagliari owner Cellino told the Sunday Telegraph. "I don't mind this coach. How could I sack anyone anyway? I need the approval of the Football League before I own the club.

"GFH are still running Leeds United. They did not want Brian as manager but didn't have the courage to sack him."

Cellino, 57, claims he had never wanted Gianluca Festa to replace McDermott.

"Festa was not here to coach the club, just to make the translation with the players," he said. "Festa has never run a club before. I have never had him coach a team in Italy before, so why would I want him to coach a major club like Leeds?"