Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech admits they've gone backwards this season.

"It is difficult to explain," he told L'Equipe.

"This season, we can attack more than during the previous seasons. We try to play, to push the adversaries and they have more fast breaks than before.

"But when we create many chances, we shoot 29 times and we only score once, then it is hard to accept.

"We knew we were better than Rosenborg. We dominated the match, did everything required to win, but lacked luck.

"We play well, dominate the games, create chances, but don't manage to score. It is all about little things.

"We lack confidence and need a lucky goal. It could launch the machine.

"Of course we doubt. But it didn't happen overnight. It has been our problem since the beginning of the season. We also concede too many goals. We are in danger from free-kicks, more than in the previous years."