Liverpool veteran Jamie Carragher says Danny Sturridge has added a new dimension to their play.

The former Chelsea striker was impressive - again - for victory over Norwich City.

"Daniel has done very well," said Carragher. "He gives us a bit more pace and strength in attack. He has a presence about him and is a good player.

"It is nice to have an extra body up there. You could see the difference Daniel made when he came on against United and now we have scored five against Norwich. He has great mobility, movement and pace. It doesn't matter when you bring players in. If they are good, they give everyone a lift.

"Have we been missing a fox in the box? I wouldn't agree with that. If you look at Luis' record, he is one of the top scorers in the league. If he is the main striker, it is clear that he has been doing his job. But Daniel playing alongside him is also going to get goals."