Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher says the morale amongst the players couldn't be better after their Hong Kong trip.

He told "Everything is going great. We've had a lot of time away, obviously, but this has given everyone a chance to mix with the new lads. We're sitting down at meal-times together and taking part in double training sessions so we've got to know them all a lot better than we would have done if we'd stayed back home.

"They're all good lads and great players. I'm sure they'll have a big part to play next season. There's always a feeling at this club that we can do something special and over the last few years we have done. Not many clubs have enjoyed the success we have recently and long may that continue.

"Of course, the Premiership is the one trophy that's continued to elude us. Hopefully that will change this season but as long as we keep winning trophies, I'll be happy."