Carragher: Comeback victories part of Liverpool DNA

Liverpool veteran defender Jamie Carragher hailed their come-from-behind FA Cup semifinal triumph over Everton.

Carragher believes such a reluctance to capitulate in the face of adversity is a trait deeply ingrained on the psyche of the club.

He told the Liverpool Echo: "I said to Stevie, 'How many times have we done that?' When it's not looking well but we find a way to win. We've done it in the past and I think we'll always have that in the future. It's in the club's DNA.

"We put our supporters through it; we say that every time we have a big game.

"I don't think many big clubs have got it. Man United have got it, we have got it and it's just finding the way to win in those big moments. I don't know what it is, it's not something you can put your finger on but we have got it.

"You're losing 1-0 and you're trying to get a way back in. But we always find a way. You just keep going."

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