Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan has revealed plans of setting up an East European club network.

Tan admits they're exploring ways of unearthing affordable gems.

He told the Western Mail: "I've been thinking about long-term in this business and probably the biggest expenditure are the players.

"Celtic bought Wanyama for £900,000 in 2011 and now they ask for £10m - and then when other parties get interested then it's £12m or £12.5m. So what do you think? Isn't developing players an important part of the business?

"Of course, we do have an academy where you are limited. So I'm thinking, where else can we look for players? my thinking is along these lines.

"We have a co-operation agreement with FK Sarajevo FC to work together as a kind of affiliated club and we have studied whether we can own a stake in the club but there is nothing firm.

"Croatia (HNK Dubrovnik) is another option. There's nothing firm and not much discussion.

"Hopefully this will keep Cardiff in good shape for a long, long time to come and not paying too much and top, top dollar all the time to get good players. It is good for the future."