England boss Fabio Capello hasn't decided whether Chelsea defender John Terry will carry on as Three Lions captain.

Capello said: "The captaincy is a very important decision for England.

"There are many things I have to evaluate and I must make the right choice. A captain must be a leader, someone who carries the team, somebody that in every moment is important for the team.

"I'm evaluating whether to decide on a definitive captain or appoint a provisional one.

"First I have to know the candidates well because it is such an important decision. But please don't take this as indecision. I want to get to know the players well first."

Capello, 61, has five friendlies before the first World Cup qualifier away to Andorra. And he admits he already has a good idea what his team will be.

He added: "The team I want is in my head, taking into account what I've seen.

"I have seen things which go beyond my expectations but also things that left me perplexed."