Canada international goalkeeper Greg Sutton is keen to win a new club contract.

The 32-year old was released by Toronto FC at the start of summer and is still keen to remain in the game at the highest possible level.

Despite admitting he thought about life after football, Sutton is determined to reignite his competitive fire and get back into Major League Soccer.

"I've actually had some time to sit back and take a look at what I want to do and how I want to go forward as far as my soccer career progresses," Sutton told

"I had a couple of opportunities to finish out the (2009 MLS) season with a couple of teams but it didn't seem like they were the right fit for me at the time.

"So I've decided what's best for me is to wait it out and come January I'll take it from there. Hopefully I'll have some opportunities. …. I know that there are some teams out there interested, which is good.

"I'm still very passionate about the game. I still feel I can add to a team's roster and I know that the best of my abilities are still to come. I think there's still more I can give to the game."