Serie BTorino have been put up for sale by patron Urbano Cairo.

The Granata were relegated last season and currently lie 11th in Serie B.

Cairo told La Stampa: "I don't want to stay in Heaven in spite of the saints. I say it reluctantly, very, very reluctantly. I have decided to sell Torino.

"Before this interview Torino weren't for sale. I have stayed quiet for two months. I let the pitch speak. But after the defeat to Salernitana, the criticism started again and the Press campaigns. And now I return to speak, to say that I am selling.

"Whoever wants to buy Torino has to have something more than me in every field: they have to be richer, more capable, more organised and more of a fan even if to be so too much can become a problem.

"It would be better if they were from the region and from Torino better still."