Yohan Cabaye is disappointed QPR skipper Joey Barton quit Newcastle United in the summer.

In a week where Barton has criticised the Newcastle directors, the Frenchman insisted he would still like to have Barton in the Toon team.

Cabaye told France Football : "I really wanted to meet him because, viewed from France, he really has a bad boy image, mostly after the incident with Ousmane Dabo.

"But as soon as I arrived, he introduced himself, and told me that if I need absolutely anything, he was there for me.

"He sat next to me in the dressing room. On the pitch, he was someone who gave everything. I think it is better to have him in your team than against you - he is an excellent player.

"We saw each other again before we played QPR and we sent each other some texts before the match. We have kept a good relationship even if we had not known each other very long."