Burns said: "In years gone by, you would bring a player you wanted to Celtic Park, which is a fantastic stadium, then get them to sign a contract. Once - and only once - it was done, would you then take them to see the training ground at Barrowfield. There is no doubt it has been very fruitful for us over the years. I, and many others, learned my trade there as a player and a coach. But times change."

He continued: "A club like Celtic can't survive on one grass pitch at Barrowfield, with no back-up facilities. We have to move on to a new level.

"Football clubs now, especially at our level, are spending a lot of money on top players. To get the best players you need the best facilities.

"That means having good playing surfaces, good physiotherapy, sports science, massage and those kind of things. We have that under one roof now.

"Lennoxtown will undoubtedly be attractive to players. The location, the backdrop and the facilities here are second to none."