Juventus goalkeeper Gigi Buffon is proud to have re-established the club as a European power.

Juventus are through to the Champions League quarter-finals and emerging as dark horses after five straight wins.

"It feels great to be back in the quarter-finals, especially as we couldn't have expected this 15 months ago. When you work hard, believe in what you do and dream, then sport can reward you," said Buffon.

"If we think that 15 months ago we finished seventh for the second year running, but now we have won the Scudetto, Super Cup and are in the top eight in Europe, we've come a long way. We earned all that with hard work and dedication.

"We know there are three or four teams stronger than us, but we do have some certainties to rely on and can trouble even the most fearsome opponent.

"The important thing this year was for Juve to win back the respect of other teams and I'd say we achieved that."