Brother of Wigan's Palacios remains kidnapped

The brother of Wigan Athletic midfielder Wilson Palacios remains kidnapped.

The Honduran midfielder plays while his 15-year-old brother Edwin remains captive back home after being kidnapped in October.

The theory is that now Wilson is a Premier League player, he will come up with a huge ransom.

Kidnapping is a frequent crime in Honduras, where there have been already over 33 last year.

Indeed, in 2002, Inter Milan and Honduras striker David Suazo had his brother Henry kidnapped and released a fortnight later.

The Palacios family remain in touch with Edwin as they try to negotiate his release.

Wigan boss Steve Bruce said: "His brother is still there, kidnapped, locked up, he is still captive.

"We hope that it can be resolved quickly, but it shows you everything about the kid that he can still produce a performance like the one he had against City. It is a delight to work with him."

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