Manchester City boss Mark Hughes' clearout of his Brazilians has led to Robinho seeking a move away, it has been revealed.

The Guardian says the manager may have contributed to Robinho's unhappiness by disbanding the small but influential group of Brazilian players that he regarded as cliquish and undermining his authority.

Elano Blumer, who was regarded as a troublemaker, was sold to Galatasaray in the summer while Jô was loaned to Everton and Glauber Berti also left the club. That, however, has left Robinho feeling isolated and not enjoying the experience of being in Manchester, a city he has struggled to embrace.

His wife, Vivian, is also unhappy in England, neither of them having learned the language and both disliking the climate. Their problems even extend to moving house because of a dispute with their neighbours over them playing Brazilian music.