Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) director Andres Sanchez says its rubbish for clubs trying to follow the Barcelona model. Sanchez says such talk disparages the other methods in football.

"What is this bulls*** saying that we have to follow Barcelona? Are Real Madrid then just a bunch of morons?" he told Cartao Verde.

"Much of Corinthians' marketing approach was inspired by Barcelona, but you can't take the same road as Santos and think that Brazilian football is worthless.

"Barcelona are a respected team, but if the Barcelona system is so flawless why did they not win anything 10 years ago? Xavi, [Lionel] Messi and [Andres] Iniesta do not appear every year.

"The difference in the youth system is that while we want our youngsters to win titles, the key is not trophies but unearthing great players."