Titus Bramble is happy with his move to Wigan Athletic.

He said: "I needed the move away, and with such great boys at this club, it's been easy for me to settle in.

"I know I was often criticised when I was at Newcastle. At times I thought it was fair, but at others I thought they were looking for a scapegoat, and that was me.

"I was big enough to take it, but I was glad to move and now I am playing every week, whereas at Newcastle I was in for a few games and then out for a few.

"Playing week in week out is something every footballer needs for consistency, and I think my performances are reflected in that.

"Against Liverpool, that was one of my best since I joined Wigan, but then as a team we were outstanding.

"We've done well all season, and against Liverpool we showed the spirit we have in the team because to match them was fantastic. We deserved a point at least.

"As long as we continue to play the way we did on Saturday, then we will win more games than we lose."