Bolton disappointed over Sydney FCs handling of players

Sydney FC goalkeeper Clint Bolton has spoken of his disappointment in the club over letting foundation members leave.

The current Sky Blues squad has been ravaged by other clubs, leaving just a handful of the original team from 2005.

Recently, the North Queensland Fury signed three Sydney players; Jacob Timpano, Robbie Middleby and Brendon Santalab and key defender Iain Fyfe is on the verge of returning home to Adelaide.

Bolton believes the quarter would have definitely remained at the Sydney Football Stadium if the club had done the right thing.

"I'm just disappointed they didn't do a bit more to keep them here because I know they wanted to stay and they're going to leave a big hole in the squad," Bolton told the Herald yesterday.

"Foundation players like Chooky [Middleby] and Jakey and also Fyfey if he goes, it would mean we've lost 90 per cent of our initial squad that won the championship. That's a bit sad. I have no doubt those boys would have stayed if Sydney had offered them the right deal. Definitely.

"We've been there through the good times, the championship and all that followed there, and then the bad times. We've had four coaches, numerous disruptions in travelling around for training, but it's still been the club everyone wants to be at because of the expectations on us," Bolton added.

"Those boys have been through it all from the start, and you'd hope the club would realise that and stick by them. I don't know, maybe they want new players, but it's just difficult having been through hard times with them.

"They're excited about leaving, it's a new challenge for them all, no doubt. But I'm sure, if they were honest, their first choice would have been to stay."

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