Bolton Wanderers boss Gary Megson has called on the transfer windows to be scrapped.

"This barmy window that we've got, it forces you to either put the club at risk financially or put it at risk football-wise if you're not one of the big four clubs," he said.

"We're not and we try to do our best in every aspect without putting the club at risk. We haven't got the resources of some of the huge Premier League clubs.

"What this window does in crazy. The sooner they get rid of that the better."

Megson also revealed: "We've got offers in for two players, one of which has been in for a long time - I would presume we've got to move on from that one.

"With the other offer, we're hopeful that will come off but if it doesn't we'll go with what we've got.

"But we won't just bring players in for the sake of it."