Bologna coach Alberto Malesani has accused Lazio striker Mauro Zarate of spitting at one of his players after victory yesterday.

The amazing match saw two players sent off, two all-in brawls and former Birmingham City striker Zarate accidentally thump the assistant ref!

"Zarate also spat at (Matteo) Rubin," claimed Malesani.

"Gaston Ramirez needs x-rays for a fractured cheekbone from Dias in the first half. Diego Perez reacted to defend his teammate, as did Gimenez before that red card.

"Perhaps Zarate was coming off a period of tension and he even spat at Rubin's face after hitting him with the ball following the final whistle.

"Our Uruguayans are good people and mentally strong. It's not right that all this chaos ruins a great performance and 3-1 victory."