Blackburn's Warnock happy with Liverpool exit

Blackburn Rovers fullback Stephen Warnock says he has no regrets over leaving Liverpool.

Warnock faces his old club today and said: "I'm delighted because I am playing a lot of games, which is what I really wanted.

"For me, being a professional footballer is about playing games, not sitting in the background watching other people play and being part of the squad. I was fed up being a guinea pig in training sessions. I wanted to be the one that goes out and plays matches. I look forward to training every day whereas at Liverpool I went stale because I knew I wasn't going to get anything at the end of the week."

Warnock was part of Liverpool's Champions League-winning squad in 2005 and could have stayed and enjoyed another run to the final last season.

But he said: "I didn't want to be at Liverpool and say I was part of a squad that won the European Cup. I don't want people asking me how many times I played and answering that I didn't play any."

Manager Hughes believes he got a bargain in Warnock.

Hughes said: "It'll be a big day for Stephen. He had a frustrating time there and I don't think they were that keen on him leaving. He has been a credit to himself and a bargain for the amount that we paid for him.

"It's been a great start for us. We hoped to have a good start this year because it's something that's been lacking in previous seasons. If we're honest we didn't anticipate it being as good as it has been."

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