Blackburn Rovers midfielder David Bentley admits he's inviting taunts with his new Mohican hair-cut.

"The lads have hammered me for it," said the midfielder, who scored Blackburn's opener in a 2-1 win.

"People think I am flash but I just do it for a laugh. I don't want to be boring.

"If I get called up for England I don't know if I would have to get rid of it.

"Hopefully not. It might help relax the lads a bit.

"I love the stick from the fans. I am getting it even more than Robbie Savage, which is something.

"If they want to be entertained and want a villain then I am quite happy for it to be me.

"At least it means they recognise me.

"It actually spurs me on so perhaps they should pack it in."