Blackburn Rovers midfielder David Bentley is determined to establish himself in Fabio Capello's England plans.

Bentley, who has targeted David Beckham's position on the right of midfield, said: "I don't think Capello knows who I am but he will do, I will make sure of that. I have to make an impression in every game, not just against Chelsea. But while I treat every game the same, it seems you are noticed more for what you do against the big clubs.

"It's time for me to perform. I'm confident enough I will force my way into the team. It's my job to stop David Beckham. That has to be my aim and I don't think David would argue with that. Don't get me wrong, I will be delighted for him if he gets the 100 because he's a top bloke and a great player. If he does reach the 100, I hope he gets it by coming on for me after I've had a stormer!

"I really admire David for everything he's done in football but I want to be breathing down his neck. I've a bit of banter with Becks. I tell him I'm the new Becks and better looking. Some players are in awe of him but he's just Becks to me.

"I believe I should be in the England team instead of him. Any footballer has to think like that. It's up to you, nobody can do it for you. If I don't get picked it will be nobody else's fault but my own. I know I'm good enough.

"We will start on a level playing field with Capello. We will all be judged on performance."