Blackburn Rovers striker David Goodwillie admits he's grateful to Dundee United boss Peter Houston for keeping his career on track.

The striker was charged with rape in January but the charges were dropped in July.

As the pressure built on Goodwillie, Scotland No2 Housty refused to leave out his striker.

The Blackburn ace told PFA Scotland: "In the first few games after it happened it was as though I'd forgotten how to kick a football.

"There was so much pressure I asked Peter Houston to drop me.

"I said I was doing nothing for the team but he said he'd rather I was in even if I was playing badly because eventually I'd score.

"I'm so grateful to him because gradually my confidence returned and I started playing well again. At first it was just crazy. I had numerous discussions with my family because it was hard for them to hear things being said about their son.

"I had doubts but eventually it got through to me they were singing about me only because they were afraid of me and because I was a good player.

"In time I learned to thrive on it and show strength of mind."