Birmingham City goalkeeper Maik Taylor has rapped Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas for reopening the controversy over Martin Taylor's tackle on Eduardo da Silva.

"It was a shame to hear that, what Fabregas said," Maik Taylor admitted. "We all know what Tiny is all about. There is not a malicious bone in his body.

"I think it has all got blown out of proportion because of Arsene Wenger saying what he did after the game in the heat of the moment.

"Even though he retracted it later, the papers had been printed and the rest is history."

Referring to the incident, he added: "It was unfortunate that Eduardo's foot was planted. Tiny tried to win the ball.

"When you go in and slide across the floor it's impossible not to have you studs showing.

"It's happened now and we all wish Eduardo all the best for a complete recovery."