Birmingham City boss Alex McLeish has scoffed at the latest comments from FIFA president Sepp Blatter over Martin Taylor's tackle on Arsenal striker Eduardo da Silva.

Blatter slammed the challenge by Blues centre-back Taylor and called for lifetime bans for such tackles.

McLeish said: "It's funny. I was actually surprised I didn't hear Sepp Blatter's voice earlier because he tends to get involved in these kind of things!

"But when I've seen some of the challenges since (the Taylor challenge), then you would be banning players every week.

"I think the unfortunate thing about Eduardo was the horrible injury. If he had gone home with bruised shins, then we wouldn't have heard any more about it.

"But some of the tackles the last couple of weeks that didn't result in horrendous injuries were worse, far worse. If Sepp Blatter would like to sit down and watch them in slow motion, then I can easily show him."