Berger blasts Villa boss O'Neill over Barry treatment

Patrik Berger has blasted Aston Villa boss Martin O'Neill over his treatment of Gareth Barry.

The veteran Czech spoke out after returning to his homeland to join Sparta Prague.

"I don't see any reason to change my opinion - nobody can fine me now," stormed Berger to the Mirror. "I just said what I thought would be best for Gareth but the manager fined and suspended me from the training ground.

"It was the manager's decision but I was surprised because we went through my comments in the papers in his office and I went home.

"But the next day I got a letter to my house saying I was banned and fined - he was not even strong enough to tell me eye-to-eye.

"Gareth got a similar letter but we are adults not children and can face it - I would prefer he'd just told me straight."

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