Newcastle United winger Hatem Ben Arfa has told fans they ain't seen nothing yet.

Despite the widespread plaudits he has received from people such as Newcastle boss Alan Pardew - who likened him to Lionel Messi - Ben Arfa still maintains the best is yet to come.

He said: "Naturally it's nice when people talk about you in glowing terms - but I'm not a big star.

"I just aspire to be one. I want to be the best I can and fulfil my own ambitions not just those of other people. I am improving all the time. I have had to contend with a very serious injury when my left leg was badly broken against Manchester City nearly two years ago.

"That obviously set me back but I believe I have recovered well and I am beginning to reach a level that is getting me noticed.

"But people are yet to see the best from Ben Arfa - that is still to come. I know that I can improve, I know that I will get better."