Bayern Munich striker Luca Toni has snapped back at the Italian media after being left out of the Azzurri squad this week.

Reflecting on Italy's scratchy 2-0 defeat of Georgia, Toni said: "In these last few games, in which the team hasn't done very well, the criticism has been far more vague and widespread than singling out an individual. When I was there, it was easier to just criticise me."

The former Fiorentina hitman maintains hope of being there to defend the World Cup medal he won in 2006.

"Marcello Lippi knows what I can give to the team. He has always said I should focus on getting back to full fitness. He knows me and how I fit into the squad and locker room.

"I just have to be on form again, then I think I'll be back in the Azzurri side."