Aston Villa captain Gareth Barry says England have been boosted by the return from injury of Newcastle striker Michael Owen.

Barry said: "This game is all about scoring goals and Michael is one of the best of all time at doing that. He is a deadly finisher.

"When his name is on the team sheet, it really puts fear into the opponents and gives the players around him on his own side good confidence as well.

"It is great to see Michael score a few goals in the last two or three games.

"If Michael hadn't had all the publicity about the injury, you wouldn't know any different. He has come in and trained from day one and trained as if he is 100% fit and I can't see any problem.

"You looked at the league table before the two games with Israel and Russia and it wasn't easy reading. Now it is in our own hands and having Michael available can only be of benefit for what lies ahead."