Barnsley's former Manchester United striker Daniel Nardiello is convinced he can make a Premiership return.

Ahead of today's FA Cup semifinal, Nardiello recalled his time at United with fondness: "I know I was regarded as one of the bright young prospects at United. People there were talking in terms of big things from me and they had a lot of faith in me. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way but, then again, it's a tough club to be at, what with all the great players they have there."

Nardiello also told the Independent: "I got to get a sniff of the first team, but nothing major. I went to see Sir Alex Ferguson, I had a good chat with him and he said I wasn't going to be a main part of the team. It was a disappointment to be told I wasn't wanted. I was 22 and had only had a handful of games.

"But that was fair enough. And he also told me I was capable of getting a good career out of football and to go and prove it by getting back into the Premier League with someone else. I wasn't really that bothered. I just wanted to go out and play football and prove myself. Sir Alex Ferguson was always brilliant to me. He always had time for me. I was really happy to be there for six years."

He added: "I still think I can play at the highest level. I didn't think my chance had gone when I left Manchester United. I've seen other players leave Old Trafford and get back into the Premiership, so I know it can happen."