Barcelona midfielder Xavi is upset at claims Spain's play is boring.

Xavi brushed off the growing belief that Spain have been 'boring' in Euro 2012.

"We enjoy our game and want to stay true to the style that has brought so much success in recent years. Our fans can identify that style. We enjoy it, our fans do and I think others ought to as well.

"If it is boring for people that Spain always win, then it is a fantastic thing for us! We are making history and are looking forward to tomorrow.

"We have achieved great things with Spain and at club level. We were very lucky to have a great generation of footballers and we have another chance to continue making history. We want to keep on improving over the years together.

"We just want to enjoy it, as we are in the second consecutive Euro Final. We want to do well and show everybody this side is still hungry for success."