Barcelona fullback Daniel Alves says Real Madrid midfielder Kaka is struggling in Spain because he went to the wrong team. Alves insists his Brazil teammate would be thriving in the Liga if he had joined him at the Nou Camp, rather than accepting Real's offer.

The Barca fullback told Gazzetta dello Sport: "I think (Kaka) has gone to the wrong team. Elsewhere things would have been better. He was used to one thing and at Madrid he has found another: a dressing room with many players of great reputation that eventually eats your space.

"At Milan he played for the team.

"In Madrid it is not so," he adds. "They have bought many important players. One takes away space from another. Kaka is not playing in the position he likes. Things are complicated.

"The pressure increases, making comparisons when Kaka was out injured. I think it will cost him. His position on the field is not the best."