Former Palermo fullback Federico Balzaretti is delighted with his move to AS Roma.

Balzaretti completed his transfer earlier this week.

"I arrive here at the best time, an established player who is mature," declared the full-back to the assembled media.

"I have had so many experiences, it is the right time for me to arrive, and also for Roma. This squad has great ambition.

"Why did I pick Roma? There was some media confusion, but I have always been clear. When the President told me of the offer from Roma, I immediately said yes.

"Were there external factors? I said that I preferred the choice of my family. The family situation has led me to want to raise my daughters in Rome, which is a beautiful city.

"The relationship with sporting director Walter Sabatini also influenced matters and we know that we work to common ideas since our time together at Palermo.

"But it is not true that I chose Roma because they are not in Europe, seeing as one of our goals is to return there."