Balotelli cops AC Milan dressing down on national TV

Former Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli has already copped a first dressing down at AC Milan - and on national TV!

It came after a question by RAI, the Italian national broadcaster, regarding Milan president Silvio Berlusconi’s comment a few weeks ago that he was a ‘rotten apple’.

Balotelli responded: “I was in Manchester and didn’t hear it. I heard it later when my agent was already speaking to the club. The president has already excused himself for saying that... ”

At that point no-nonsense Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani butted in to show Balotelli that he cannot put a foot wrong at the Rossoneri.

Turning to Balotelli he said: “Sorry, you don’t know this but I do.

“The president has already said he’s never said such a thing, which is a bit different. Thank you for the question and I will answer it myself.

“The president has never excused himself. This is my answer to the journalist. I see the questions and I am older than you and I understand the meaning of the questions better than you.”

So out of the frying pan and into the fire, Mario. Balotelli smiled, embarrassed and cut down to size in front of the watching world media.

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