Michael Ballack has criticised Chelsea's medical staff over his long injury lay-off.

The Blues midfielder, fit again after eight months out, insists it was TWO weeks before Chelsea finally admitted the knock was serious.

In a clear pop at Chelsea, he blasted: "Doctors can also make mistakes. But then you must not try and turn the facts, try to forget about your own mistakes and put the player into a bad light.

"But in the end Chelsea made it clear - unfortunately two weeks late!

"At the beginning of my injury break I constantly had to deny rumours which were created by misleading comments from the doctors.

"I kept hearing that the ankle surgery had not been necessary at all. I had to justify myself, which was really hard for me.

"And on a club level I heard a few remarks made behind my back which were really disappointing for me.

"That was the worst thing in the first week after the surgery that it was reported: Ballack underwent surgery without reason and without permission. For two weeks I had to read this rubbish everywhere.

"Those claims are untrue and the development of the injury proves that. The necessity of the surgery has been confirmed."